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good to be back..... - VNR VJIET [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Students of VNR of the past and present

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good to be back..... [Jul. 7th, 2004|12:06 am]
Students of VNR of the past and present


[mood |calmcalm]
[music |van halen---jump]

as i walked down the stretch of road from the parkin lot to canteen i realised that it was somewer around 3 months since i attended regular col...somethin was different this time...never did i get such a strange feeling of mixed emotions....a little excitement n lil bit of curiosity,a lil bit of sentiment...this being the last yr ( hopefully :D )...hidin all these under an involutary smile i entered the class surprised to find a half empty class....however still very lively....the groups wer already demarcated...the studs ( those with pretentions of being studs atleast) wer busy discussin sometin...a few minutes of involvement in that discussion...and i was enlightened with every activity of acadamic importance in this sem...cud'nt take it anymore...then shifted to the nxt group the "back benchers",keen on knowin wich movie to watch next n all the latest gossip i missed out on....the gre cat virus dint spare them too...everything they spoke finally came down to that...'future talk'. the lunch bell rang and i rushed to the canteen like i always did since the 2nd yr....i walked thru the door only to be surrounded by a sea of juniors...ppl whom i never saw bfor( thanks to the new anti raggin system)....and i felt  isolated in the place wich normally was our 'adda'....a few mins like that and then i saw a frnd with the same look in his eyes....he gave me a hug almost like saying ' welcome home'..i thought to myself...pheww iam not alone!!!!