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Do VNRites know wat boycott is??? - VNR VJIET [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Students of VNR of the past and present

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Do VNRites know wat boycott is??? [Aug. 19th, 2004|08:26 pm]
Students of VNR of the past and present


[mood |surprisedsurprised]

It was the death of our co-student in a tragic accident right in front of the college gate that made us boycott the classes.I was happy that the whole college walked unified for a common cause but it didn't last longer.There were students sneaking out of the campus to watch the newly released movie 'Arjun' ,some others asking me as to why they had to boycott and lecturers declaring they dont account on the genuinity of the students(without considering the cause that drove this situation).lost in the abyss of insensibility were some glimpses of sense and reasoning like demanding for ex gratia to the family which lost their only son(of course there were demands for more buses too).The principal ,whom i rated as moron of first order ,quite surprisingly, acted very sensible by accepting the demands in the first shot.There was a consensus on this issue by 1:30pm and classes went on noramlly after the lunch and a condolence session followed.
The demands were agreed,but the spirit was gone.I dared to say this coz there weren't 200 students in the audi for the condolence session and infact the faculty members were more in number than the students which shud be rated as pathetic student-spirit.If this is the trend,no more boycotts will be taken seriously by the management and we can never hope to fight for our rights, accounting on the support our fellow students wud extend.
All in all,that was a protest which i wud remeber as the one which served the purpose and nothing more or nothing less.

[User Picture]From: gr8deeps
2005-04-06 05:03 am (UTC)

am surprised too

i know am reacting a lil too late...but as am going to stay with this collage a lil more than you in this collage i understand that this is a serious issue no matter when reacted on...i should say good you wrote this column ...coz i would have stayed ignorant untill today...!!!!!!!atta boy
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